artist statement
The underlying concerns of my practice are issues of control, or rather lack of control. My practice is currently informed by investigations into critical theory discourses on gender constructs, the kitsch aesthetic and the abject.

The video 'All For Love' is from the series of work 'Herding Cats' which continues this theme, but focuses on wildness/tameness and domestication. I am interrogating the domestication - the taming and socialising - of feral kittens, the denial of wildness in domestic animals.

I am also looking at ways of challenging gender stereotypes about domestication within use of a kitsch aesthetic. In my photographic work the pink, fluffy cuteness of chocolate-box kittens is counterpoised with their real nature as hunters and carnivores. I seek to subvert the pure kitsch of the colours, accessories and kittens with the introduction of abject elements (wounds and dead prey), and disruption of traditional studio focus.